Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp Talk Mining

The junior mining market is looking for a turnaround in 2014.  Last year was just brutal for junior miners that were underfunded.  The collapse in gold seems to be over for now so perhaps there will be some sort of re-adjustment in the marketplace and we will see a bounce back; this year. If you have a mining project and would like to show it to us – please email us @

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LX Ventures – A CPC Success Story

LX on the TSXv is a great example of a CPC success story. The company has successfully raised money with the guidance of key personnel like Mike Edwards and Keir Reynolds.  We think the roll out of this go public transaction is a blue print for all future CPC deals.  If you have a project and would like to find out more about CPCs – please email

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Bitcoin Trust or Bitcoin Bust

The roller coaster world of bitcoins has the world’s attention in 2014 just like 2013. Many entrepreneurs are positioning themselves for what could be a crypto currency bonanza or a complete melt down. Some of the famous bitcoin champions include the Winklevoss twins who are trying to set up a bitcoin trust. The twins are well known for the involvement with Facebook made famous in the movie The Social Network. If you have a bitcoin project to show us – email us @

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